Quick, While I Remember

Low brain activity here….but, while I’ve got it (cause I did it yesterday) here are some more photos.  Speaking of….I’m thinking my latest photos are not as good as they used to be?  Anyone else notice?  I’ve changed phones from a Samsung to an Apple.  It was time for an upgrade; Ruth gave me a hardly used Apple (not quite “gave”).  It’s complicated.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on a sour dough mix of my own for a few weeks now.  I got this idea from an article about gluten and our wheat and grains in this country.  Some man in California sells tons of sour dough bread at a market with real grains but because it’s sour dough the good stuff is eating up the bad stuff.  Interesting.  So, from Bread Alone, my favorite cookbook I’ve come up with this one…..a sourdough rye.

Since it is now cold late in the day I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  The route to the mashed potatoes is interesting.  I have had a catering job lined up for quite awhile now that is coming up this Friday which is contingent on the weather.  I e-mailed the company yesterday and reminded them a decision needs to happen by today for me so I can prepare.  I got an e-mail back, full of apologies.  They were “so sorry” they hadn’t Looped around back to me (they said) that they had cancelled this job a few weeks ago.  HELLO?  Are you kidding, not looping around to the caterer?  I was so annoyed; I needed to go outside and find a boxing partner or…..redig the potato field.  Right.  I grabbed the old pitchfork and forked around for a good hour or so.  Came up with a whole bowl of potatoes we had missed.  I kinda always suspected there were some hiding but not that much.  Of course in my upsetness I was digging for China!

We had mashed potatoes for dinner.

That wooden thing?  I’ve talked about that before but in case you haven’t seen it…..it was my grandmothers.  It makes the absolute best mashed potatoes.  No mixer or electrical thing for me just mush away with the pounder.  It’s awesome.  It’s probably about 100 years old now.

Another thing of my grandmothers that we had the other day:

I suspect I’ve talked about these already.  Did I mention I used to shell out these, which seemed to take forever so I could ship huge bags of them to my mom in Florida.  They probably molded out on the trip south but mom being mom said they were awesome and she ate every single one!


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