Just a short explanation of where I’ve been.  I’ve been here!  Many times….but, this site confuses me and I have zip patience.  I want you to know I have written some stellar work – I can say that cause it’s evaporated.  Anyhow, I’ve put pictures up, stories, and then poof “invalid request” is what I get when I hit the post button.  I keep losing hope and giving up on it all for days on end.  Today is a new day.  I will try this short one this morning.

Catering has been foremost in my life lately – what a job.  Hard work.  Tough on my legs.  Even tougher when I stop working – after you’ve been standing for 15+ hours a day your tired, feets hurt, etc. but nothing like when you stop.  Saturday night after a party I just wanted to get out to my pool and float around in that ice cold water, in the middle of the night!  I couldn’t sleep.  Love my job but I do need to figure out how to modify my time better.

Sliders – first time I’ve made them….50 lobster ones!

Way to go….buttered, grilled roll, lobby, dill & mayo.

I made a Heidi Swanson dip which is my new favorite.

Doesn’t look like much but the taste….amazing!  Yogurt/garlic/dill/cucumbers/walnuts/cranberries/olive oil and the secret ingredient that gives it the punch – rose petals.  These, that you see are steeped in Glycerin.  My friend Rebecca gave me a jar of these a few months back.  I keep turning the jar over and over – it’s so pretty, what to do with it?  She suggested a bit in whipped cream but I’ve not had a call for that then this recipe came up.  How yummy.  A couple of tablespoons, sweet, rosy, flavorful.  Just right.  Nice dip – you can just serve it as a sauce next to anything.

I’ve been working on sewing quite a bit lately.  My newest project is making dresses.  I am really tired of skirts and tops….done, all over that one.  I’m thinking a quiet A-Line dress with a collar or not.  I found a pattern, very early 60’s; made one up in dove grey with tiny beige circles on it.  Nice, could be a smidge larger or I could be a lot smaller but…it’s good.  I went to the store looking for a nice black but had no coupons, nothing was on sale and decided to wait.  I have a perfect hot turquoise fine wale corduroy that would be a great collar so black would be good.  While reading the morning paper last week which was stuffed daily with fashion reports of New York’s Fashion Week I was fascinated….interesting stuff.  It sucked me right in.  All the stories of makeup, nail polish, clothing, shoes.  So foreign to me but interesting.  Well, one day they showed an elderly x-model (at least 80) on the runway wearing a Marimeko print.  I love that stuff.  Crate & Barrell sells it.  On my way to the grocery store I passed C&B, stopped in and bought this stuff:

Kind of wild, could be hideous but think of it in smaller sections….could work.  It’s 100% cotton and cost $12.50 why not?  But, so much for my keeping the colors muted.

I’m going to just zip this post off now and if successful and I can remember How I did it this time I’ll continue with the rest of my news tomorrow.


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