This food world gets crazier and crazier!  I’m kind of swinging back to just plain real food – no big deal.  Let’s get over the Stacked Menu, the Crazy Combinations, etc.  It’s too fussy for me.  I can’t tell you how many people I meet who’s children are now in Culinary School, 4 years, etc. big, big bucks, planning on taking on the world with Investors, etc.  Who is going to eat at these places?  How are they going to pay back the loans?  It worries me.  My Accountant is a big one for saying “most restaurants fail”.  He was totally blown away that our crummy little cafe was stable – not a big money maker but everyone got paid well, I made a little and we stopped when we got tired!  Enough said.  These kids starting big, new places will they be able to stop when it just doesn’t pay?  

In case you don’t read the same newspaper I do… new trends (for those who have major money) or live somewhere where others do have those big bucks. 

1.  Diner en Blanc – This is a gig now offered in 20 cities world-wide:  Everyone wears white, brings their own picnic to a public space.  The location is secret until just before the appointed hour.  You get a text saying where.  Off you go, with your own food, wearing white clothes and YOU pay $26. per person for the privilege of being part of a Mob Foodie thing.  $52.00 to go sit with other white clothed people and look “cool”.  Not me baby.

2.  How about having dinner not only at a farm but in the rows of food – so put your boots on, clomp out there to eat with a pile of other people – nice if your among fruit trees.  For this happy service the guy running the service but not the local chef who cooks it,  arrives in a 1953 red and white bus (now, that is wicked vital and important to the cost don’t you think?).  For this scenario you pay $180.  I suspect that is per person.  Oh my.

3.  Siege.  Historically themed dinner.  Music, readings and custom designed plates.  A recent one: profiling Detroit’s fraught history……shattered chicken drumstick (depicting violence), comfort food, uncomfortable subject.  $95. per person.  Thanks, I’ll watch the news while I’m eating dinner and get my own inexpensive stomach ache.

People must be really bored.

I’m not.  Today I picked allot of my veges for a nice roasting to go with our salad tonight.  Eggplant, carrots, beets, peppers…… Poor Paul, those greens will go in our fruit/vege. drink tomorrow.


I made some more pasta the other night to go with some fennel sausage I had in the freezer.  In one of those past readings of mine I came across someone who was dying her fabric with fennel flowers so I decided to put that in the pasta with the hope of coming up with a beautiful butter yellow color and slight fennel flavor. 


Not so yellow but yes, a slight fennel flavor.  I would add more next time – one head of flowers is not enough for 2 lbs. of pasta.  Yummy anyway.

As it looked like rain yesterday I took advantage of working on the loom for most of the afternoon.  Changed the pattern after 40″ (enough for one dishcloth anyway) and came up with even more colors.  I like this, it takes time but once washed I think it will have a nice, tight texture to it – perhaps a bit waffly.  It’s only a dishtowel after all. Bamboo shiny.


Dinner guests tonight….off to make a cobbler with fall plums; perhaps sit in the sun for a bit.  The air is cooler; I’m enjoying a change in the weather up here.  Summer was a tad too long for me and HOT.

This food world…


2 thoughts on “This food world…

  1. Marji says:

    Best post ever!


  2. carlarollins says:

    I knew you would like that one Marj. Really absurd stuff going on in the food world. I feel like “let me off the bus” it’s not working for me.


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