Fiber Interests.  I do have that I just tend to write about food most of the time.  But, I finally got the old computer working on my new loom to set the pattern I made and I’m actually weaving.  This warp and weft is made with Bamboo exclusively.  Darn, now I read Bamboo is one of the worst in the Green-ness factor.  Sorry.


It’s a slippery devil of a fiber but I like the sheen and hand feel.

We had some lovely salads the other night.  Ruth told me about a corn salad her husband makes.  I wasn’t sure but she insisted I try it.  Yummy.  I broiled the corn, she grills it on the cob.  You just take the cut off corn, a chopped red onion, chopped half sour pickles, squeeze of mustard, bit of olive oil, s & p.  I think that was it. 


With it is a bread salad.  Olive bread cubed or chunked, grilled a bit or toasted, chopped red tomatoes, a container or two of motzarella balls marinated oil and all and I added a few fresh garlic cloves, smashed, lots of Black Pepper.  What a great dinner. 

This morning I made some new granola.  I have these honey’s on the shelf that I made this past winter for various teas.  This one is a Chai Honey – really spicy and hot, cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, ginger and black pepper.  Melted some down with equal part Almond Butter, coated 5 cups of oats some coconut and baked at 350 stirring for about 1/2 hour.  Then I added chopped candied ginger, roasted almonds and dried Maine Blueberries while it was cooling.  Wow, what a cool flavor, spicy, hot, sweet.  This could be the best so far but I always say that.


And, my old girl Sabrina.  She’s 20, sleeps most of the time but she’s happy and comfortable.  She is getting pretty snuggy lately so I’m worried she may be checking out soon.  She’s my girl.


Fiber Interests…

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