Most of last week was spent getting ready for a beautiful wedding I was catering.  I was really excited about this one….out in a garden with canning jars wired up, candles lit inside and hung from the limbs of trees.  Lots of them!  There were two mules just beyond the trees in a fenced pasture.  Really just beyond the trees like if you pulled up a chair they could almost breathe over your neck.  Very passive beautiful animals.  They look like horses but with just a bit longer face and longer ears, same bodies. 

Of course my camera was not fully charged so I don’t have a photo of the dinner plate or most of anything else but a few things and some ideas if your interested. 

I served a take on the halved boiled eggs with spices called Dukkarh Eggs as the groom gave me pullet eggs from his chickens.  Just young eggs, kinda small.  Well, fresh eggs are impossible to peel so rather than have kah kah looking eggs I peeled at random, chopped it all up and made egg salad and then dusted with pan grilled mixture of fennel seed, sesame seeds, crushed pistachio, salt, pepper & cumin seeds then topped with some pistachio oil.  Could be anything, any oil, the taste is cool to have just something unusual on top of eggs.


I made Salmon Cakes to go with the dinner salad of all their homegrown garden produce….lettuces, fingerling potatoes, kitchen onions, yellow pear tomatoes, many colored beets, green beans, etc.  Here they are getting prepped.  I chop the salmon up and add chopped bermuda onion, in this case fennel weed instead of dill, s&p.


Since I made 35 and decided to bake them instead of pan saute I added some drizzled butter and parmesan to the top before baking.


Most of the beets I roasted but boiled a few to get the juice to marinate some eggs for garnish on the plates.


I love these purple eggs. 

The next photo is of the fresh tomato and garlic sauce I’ve been making quite a bit.  Paul is home from Labrador so I’ll have to make some for him or shut my mouth about it.  Poor guy.  I tell him what I have made while he was gone. He loves pasta.  Labrador was ardous for him – three thousand miles of travel for this trip, hard rocky gravel and dirt roads.  He was trailering a sail boat – not so good for the boat, only used it once.  He caught one small something fish. Really glad I didn’t go. 


Sunday we dug most of our potatoes.  Next year MORE!  These are so delicious – not a darn thing like the stuff you get in the store.


I’m happy to have a rest this week.  I’ve been working many jobs and have gotten pretty tired.  Add to that some adult child stress which seems to expand itself daily.  I just don’t have the young mom energy to bounce back.  So, I am taking Luna the dog on long walks daily, swimming in a chilling off pool (darn that fall is right around the corner), working on my loom and reading some great books.  Recharging.

Most of last we…


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