Mostly Food w/Some Snarky Socks Thrown In

Food first, snark last.  The other night I wanted to pull together a dinner for my friend Anne who was coming over.  Pasta, I hardly ever eat it but sometimes…’s just what I’m craving.  I love to make it homemade when I’ve got the time.  The tomatoes are just ripening in my garden so I e-mailed my pal Syd in California (she is married to an Italian and lives 1/3 time in Italy) her hubcap loves pasta and she loves making fresh sauce.  She called me back about an hour before dinner with a lovely recipe.  Chopped fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, salt & pepper – cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 6 hours.  Well, skip the 6 hours I only had one hour but…..I am here to tell you – this was the absolute best thing I have eaten.  Perhaps because it could not have been fresher?  I pulled a whole head of Russian garlic from the garden, used my tomatoes, 4 plum, one brandywine, snipped the tops of my own basil and then poured on the olive oil, cracked pepper (lots) and sea salt (more than I should admit).  My garlic when smashed actually cracks like biting an apple.  I love that.  I don’t chop I just smash flat and put it in.  The pasta was just a normal pasta 1.5 cups flour, 3 eggs, water, salt – 1/2 hour rest, then rolled out and sliced.  I do have one of those pasta rolling things so it’s easy smeezy.

Here is a lovely picture of my friend Anne Catell eating it.  She has the most incredible eyes – they are usually turquoise…really really blue, no fake lenses.  And, she is Italian.


I put all the pasta in our two bowls with the intention of each of us having left overs.  Well, we could not stop….as full as we got we still ate.  Horrible gluttony but it was just so fresh and tasty.

I’ve been trying to get my garden harvested….the other day I got most of the kale washed, chopped, blanched and frozen.  I did dehydrate two bags and then froze.  Not sure how that will work.

Yesterday I forked up all the garlic……


Here is the flowering end.  Boy are these buggers long, tough to manage.  Now they are on the side porch drying for a week or two then that will be it.  I get rid of the greenery and stems; they sit in a large open basket for the winter.  Usually this much lasts us until close to this time next year.


I forgot to mention.  This fall when it gets cold I’ll separate a few bulbs that I want to propigate again.  I separate into cloves and then replant one by one.  Generally I’ll use the smallest…they will grow throughout the winter and become what you see and each year get bigger and bigger.  It’s a cool system.  I’ve been growing now for about 5 years; there are about 4 varieties in here.

Three times a week I’m in yoga at the beach.  I love it; it’s a killer but great for me.  Well, at the end we lie flat, eyes closed and the instructor talks us through relaxing our bodies and clearing our minds.  Really?  First off, because I’m flat (and she is flat) I can’t hear her directions and the ocean is right there with tourists walking about talking My mind is going 500 miles an hour as to what I’m doing that day, etc.  Classic of me anyway.  This morning I was drifting with the idea I would drive along another route and see another beach on my way home which HAPPENS by the way to go past a Bagel Shop – mind you, I never eat bagels and am seriously death about purchasing “out” when I have what I need here.  But this idea came to mind that a everything bagel with olive cream cheese was calling me!  I resisted and went a different route just to miss the bagel shop (and beach but that was o.k., not a huge draw).  While lying in meditation I came up with an alternative to make at home.  Cripes was it good.


Toasted whole grain bread with my yogurt cheese on top then sliced green olives dribbled with honey that I heated with some fresh rosemary in it.  Salty/Sweet – covered all the bases. 

Now we’re at the snarky part.  I knitted this sock.


It’s ugly.  The color is awful.  The yarn is tedious to knit with, the pattern has so many mistakes and it took a hundred years to do.  I can’t bear to knit a match…..what do I do?  Should I throw it?  Just wear one and something else on my other foot?  We all have mismatched socks, yes?  Really bums me out but I should have known better – I can’t stand these complicated things.  Lets hear some ideas?  Anybody have anything remotely similar that they would like this addition?  Marji….you like kermit colors!



2 thoughts on “Mostly Food w/Some Snarky Socks Thrown In

  1. JoAnne says:

    Carla, love your blog. Why do you let the garlic go to seed? You should eat those garlic scapes, they are so delicious!! taste like garlicky green beans.


  2. Marji says:

    Carla, that sock is, well, just kinda, um…..ugly. Yikes! However the freakin’ pasta, the sauce, the GARLIC, oh my…..YUMMY. The olive creation cracked me up. I’ve done that too. Very funny post;)


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