Constant Cooking, Some Sewing Also!

Ah, time to get more done.  Paul left for Labrador last Monday and I just heard from him this morning.  He is on the last ferry (I think he has taken two so far) over to Labrador.  He is having a ball and has seen wonderful things but now just wants to FISH.  The have Arctic Char up there, my favorite of all time.

Sewing…..Yesterday was my first day of non-cooking.  I had a catering job this past Thursday so I was busy either shopping, prepping or cooking most of the week.  I really should just give myself a break and perhaps not feel that I need to make absolutely everything.  But, I have not yet.  As to sewing……I recovered the chairs on our porch and gave everyone a new start, three new pillows, etc.  Originally I thought of just washing the ones I had – well of course those cheap things self destructed instantly.  So then I went hunting for cushions & covers – wow, even on sale at Wally Mart it was going to cost $112. for some ugly, cheap stuff and that is not including pillows.  Yiiikes.  So, plan B or perhaps C at this point I cut the covers the cushions, washed, put them back on and made new covers over it all.  I found some beautiful fabric Blues & a bit of beige for $10./yard (60″ width) so for 6 yards at $60. I did the whole project and had a large pillow and three small to boot.  It took all afternoon but I love doing that stuff.  Simple yet seeing results.  I’m all about that.  I’ll put a picture up next post for those who care.  Kinda dull for most.

The food part of my week.  As soon as Paul left I cleaned out the fridge and roasted up every kind of odd vege. we had including some jalapenos, a fennel, lots of carrots, beets and a very old turnip (it was waxed so it was the same).  I then chopped it all up, added tomatoes and some chicken stock, cooked it down and plan on having it with Parmesan on top as a kind of ratatouille.  Could work, might not but it’s really pretty and so far tastes good.  I added a ton of fresh basil, parsley and salt & pepper a few minutes ago.  It’s a beautiful red with all those beets in it.  I love how red food when added to other food becomes a hottish pink.  And, again, when I serve it, I will shoot it and post next time.


Cooling on the rack with the veges?  Two pans of Mushroom Pate.  I am addicted. 


That is yogurt cheese and homemade raspberry jam on top of a bread I made – the little breads I spoke about a few weeks ago – this time the loaf is all whole wheat flour with oats, pistachio’s and cranberries.  Totally awesome toasted for breakfast, I might add.

The other appetizer is the mushroom pate on the same little bread but this time with all white flour & walnuts, mustard, pate.

More of the cookie canapes – this time square.  I like the rounds better.


This particular catering job was on the Adams, the precursor to the Piscataqua which is the boat Paul built this past year (Paul and many others).  While we were working the Piscataqua went by.  I had never seen it out on the water – very impressed and proud of what he accomplished.


Now I am involved in harvesting the garden.  This morning I “put up” some kale.


I quick dipped it in boiling water then ice bath, spinner and bagged for the freezer.  The rest that I picked I put in the dehydrator with sea salt & cracked black pepper.  I’ve never done “chips” this way but I had so darn much it was time to move it along.  Paul will be thrilled to see it just about gone.  Perhaps by the time I spring the frozen stuff on him he will have forgotten how much he hates it.  Poor guy.  Living with me can be a real trial for a meat and potatoes type of Mainer.

Kitty…..that sweet thing that just showed up and decided this was home?  We adore her, she apparently feels good here.  This is how she sleeps every night.  Such peace.




One thought on “Constant Cooking, Some Sewing Also!

  1. laura says:

    well, I can say the mushroom pate is the bomb,your French bread is perfect and the beet medley needs a name (it was so good). I learned a great way to cook chicken and I had a great time, so thank you, Carla!! Laura


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