Boating and then Catering

Paul and I went up to the boat last week-end for two overnights and one long day.  It was awesome.  We didn’t go anywhere special as Paul needed to work on stuff; varnish, hauling out the 100 lb. battery box.  Hummm, is that why my back and butt muscles are killing me?  We lifted it with a sail winch but just the same….swinging box flying around.  Anyway, it was beautiful up there.  I rowed ashore and spent some serious quality time at my favorite little bookstore – Pushcart Press.  Yummy books.  This time I picked up two Louise Erdrich books: Tales of Burning Love and The Plague of Doves.  I also chose Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures.  I can’t wait to start that one – of course I’ve started them all at once but really need to focus on perhaps just one at a time.  Anyway, this is the view from my drinking coffee spot in the morning, on the boat:


This little boat is our neighbor… it the colors or the sleek shape?  I don’t know but I just never tire of looking at this

little rocket ship.Image

When we start climbing up a mountain rise, leaving Benjamin River where we keep the boat, there is a beautiful view of the marsh and rocky land.  Actually this is a blueberry grove – if we’re lucky we see them raking the berries.  Cool.


We are headed up tomorrow as this is the Wooden Boat Festival week-end in Brooklin/Blue Hill.  It’s a great, great time for us – we see all our boating pals in one place; lots of food and socializing on the boats.  I’ll be writing about that next week when we get back.  But, I will try and take another picture of a different angle on this rocky mount – it’s a very Maine – esk view.

Two night ago we did a private dinner for 8 – remember those raw Beef Wellington shots?  It was fun pulling this together – I had gotten fresh greens, beets & onions from Bill the organic guy here in York.  I roasted up the vegetable up, including a lemon and then garnished with some herbs from my garden.  The fern top herb is fennel tops – really gave it a wonderful aroma.



I made sweet potato and our own white & red potato swirls.  These are pretty easy to do and make ahead of time.  You make up the two potatoes as mashed (table ready) then put one kind in a large pastry tube lying flat on the counter try and flatten a bit and slide the other kind on top.  It’s hard to keep them separate but it doesn’t really matter, it comes out cool any way you do it. Pipe onto a lightly greased parchment paper baking sheet.   Then all you do is refrigerate till just before eating.  Slide them into the oven, as is,  and bake till hot enough.



And once again…..just to torture Jesse (his favorite food).  The fruit tart for dessert with Blue Hill Blueberries and our raspberries and blackberries, our raspberry jelly melted.


Yesterday was a rest day!  I’m such an old bag now; I have to do pretty much nothing after an event.  So my nothing was watching some more of those darn “Damages” show on Netflix, with Glenn Close.  Cripes I am so hooked and to be watching tv during the day is so unlike me I feel like I’m watching soaps.  yuck.  Well, what the hell, might as well eat cookies too.


I didn’t really eat all of these but I will fess up to 4.  Who can resist?  The rest went into the freezer for this upcoming social event on the boat.

Now this last picture is sort of a commentary thing of mine:  I take a 7 a.m. yoga class at the beach three times a week – it’s awesome, cool, breezy and lovely wave sounds.  I see these people walking by with the biggest wagons full of stuff, chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc.  I think I’ve seen these wagons as things to transport garbage cans to the curb for haul.  Big.  You wouldn’t put kids in them.  I had a red one for Ruth & Paul when they were little but it was much smaller.  Anyway, these people are flooding all over the place bringing these things down to the beach and then they go away!


They set up for the day.  I don’t know when they come back but by the time I leave Yoga, at 8, there are groups of these things all over the place.  I hate this sort of thing.  What about those people who just want to come to the beach at a normal time, like 10 and there are no spots for them?  What about the mom’s who need “sand space” for their kids to play?  What the heck is this world coming to?  When I go to a resort I’m greeted with the same darn thing in the morning…..all the chairs are reserved with towels or books from when – the night before, 5 in the morning, what?  The last place I stayed at, in Mexico, we couldn’t EVER get a chair because of this reserve thing people do.  It’s awful.  I did complain to the hotel and told them no way would I ever be back.  Apparently people tip the pool guy to not let people like me remove their stuff.  I would love to pack every ones crap up and put it in a lost and found box.  Is it only my disgust at stupid human behavior?  Totally pushes my buttons.

I really am better off being on a boat….no close neighbors!  And then, I can always move if the “neighborhood” gets crowded.

Just to not leave on a sour note.  I figured out another cool drink for me.  I put a pile of fresh mint in my filtered water pitcher (below the filter section, so it stays in there); filled it with water and then use it either with ice or put it in the seltzer thing of Ruth’s.  Great flavor.  I may mess with basil and mint next time and then change out the herbs every few days.  I just keep adding water in the meantime.  ta ta



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