Working Girl

Very busy yesterday.  Of course I underestimated how long it would take and how much I could do.  Cramming it all in.  I was getting the jump on two catering jobs this Sunday and Monday.

I decided to make a mushroom pate as an appetizer for a cocktail party (which once it was baking, was cancelled to due low acceptance) so……mushroom pate it is!  I have forgotten how much I just plain love this stuff.  It’s from the Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas, old hippie book of mine.  Mushrooms, celery, farmers cheese, shallots, eggs, lots of herbs… really has the most amazing flavors, fresh!

Here it is raw, heading into the oven.


Here it is after 1.5 hrs. of high heat baking.


But, here it is assembled in a Beef Wellington you make in advance, freeze and then bake frozen.  These things are really wicked cool for an elegant party, wish I had made more, for us.


o.k. What you do is sear the tenderloin a bit, pre flash cook the spinach (and in this instance kale from my garden) squeeze dry and chill.  You cut the puff pastry as shown, put down a thick slab of blue cheese, spinach, meat, slab of mushroom pate, spinach and then close it up.  Your looking at the bottom here.  Think of it, when all that stuff melts down…..the cheese into the spinach…..the meat into the mushrooms……yummy.

Here it is flipped over, decorated, ready for the freezer.


Once your close to dinner time, pop it out of the freezer, bake at high heat a short time, the pastry puffs and turns golden, your done!

It is a time consuming process but if you make a ton at a time it’s a better idea…..

In the meantime I had a soup going with some leftover turkey (and gel from the pan) leftover corn from Zac’s, our potatoes, our kale, our herbs, carrots, green beans, etc.  Dinner.



A new french bread recipe I wanted to try from Saveur.  This paper folding thing is kind of cool.  This is called a 4 hour bread. 


Good bread but I am going to remain loyal to my James Beard bread.  This was nice, really crusty due to the ice cubes you put in a super hot griddle that has been preheating for 45 minutes in the oven.  I can do that with my bread.  The paper things were to keep the shape, mine keeps for some reason anyway and these kinda deflated when I removed the paper.  As to chew.  I’d say this was a chewier bread but kinda hard on the teeth.  And, this bread had a smidge less taste to it, possibly because of the small amount of salt it calls for.  Salt really does bring out the flavor.  And, my bread has the exact same ingredients but takes half the time. So that recipe is a icksnaye. 

5:00 exhausted.  That was allot of prep and details going on all at once.  In a moment of rest Paul Jrs. Allie came over and helped me clean up the apartment, vac, make the bed, (king size beds are such a pain in the butt to make up by your lonesome) wipe down, etc.  I made up some more cleaning stuff which I share with Allie…..vinegar, water, lemon juice, lavender castile soap, essence of lavender and borax.  Great combo – not only works but smells nice. 

We got the bright idea to get movies from the library.  We have an Apple TV which seriously has zip for decent movies on Netflix.  So instead of clicking forever looking for anything we decided to try the library.  What a score – tons in York.  Do you think either of us could figure out how to use the dvd thing…..NOT!  Frustrating.  We have a trillion controls, blinking lights but nope, couldn’t get the two synced.  Back to Netflix, watched Moscow, Belgium….although it’s in subtitles, it was awesome.  Interesting movie.


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