Breakfast items

Catering someone else’s breakfast got me going on making a few things for us.  I had french bread in house and mushrooms in the fridge.  A Strata was the easiest choice for me.  Yum.  That’s it, sauteed mushrooms added to  torn pieces of french bread (kinda stale), then an egg & milk mixture poured over, dotted with cheddar.


The granola I made a few weeks ago got a bit seedy for me so while trolling through my really old hand written ideas I came across my original peanut butter granola.  I decided to use Almond Butter as I had it sitting there on the shelf begging for attention.  Melted that down with an equal part honey, Tbs. or so of cinnamon then  poured it over quite a few oats….6 Cups? on a baking sheet…toss, toss till everything is coated well.  Baked at 300 for 45 minutes turning occasionally.  After I took it out I added (this is where I got smart) the dried blueberries which are actually quite moist, marcona almonds which have already been roasted and then dates sliced in half, lots!  That’s it, delish.  And, most fabulous with almond milk poured over some in a bowl.


Love this season!  Every day something new to harvest.  We’ve been pulling potatoes for about a week now:


Lots of potato salad.  And, Zac’s corn is in:  Last night was the first this year for us.  Pretty sweet.  John said this is the earliest he has ever picked.  Maine is the new tropics.


I’ve been making tons of various waters to drink…cucumber, mint, etc. My lemon verbena is up big time so I made some iced yesterday – just that, verbena & water.  Tasty!


Sitting atop my new issue of Herb Companion.  Love that mag.  I’d like to try the Vanilla chamomile marshmallows or is that over the top?  I’ll post a picture when I do.

I love the Body & Soul section.  It has a Nail Whitener which seems cool.  Nails become discolored when you wear polish so take:

2 Tbs. orange flower water (TJ Max always has this stuff) it’s used for baking.

1 tsp. fresh lemon juice

Mix together well, use a Q Tip to apply to clean, dry nails – repeat 2-3 times that day.  Do every couple of days until your nails are back to your natural color.   Easy, no?

I thought this one was cool…for age spots, rub lemon juice on spot twice daily within six weeks should be a huge difference.  Cool.

Tomorrow I’ll be making a mushroom pate for some events this week-end, stay tuned.  It’s another blast from my past; The Vegetarian Epicure.


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