This is how I spent my Sunday Morning.  Wish I could have eaten some of it!  Smelled great.


Blueberry Lemon Curd Baked French Toast, Broccoli/Cheddar Frittatas, Mini Almond Scones & Baby Blueberry Muffins.

Our friends Rick/Anita & Thomas came for a visit the other night.  They live in California but come “home” once a year.  I’ve been waiting……Anita is the most fantastic musician.  She plays every instrument, well.  Through the years she’s been playing my accordion THE FERRARI while she’s here.  I decided to give her the accordion.  I have yet to learn how to play; it’s a wonderful, just beautiful instrument and deserves someone wonderful to play it.  Anita is the one.  Here is a picture of her messing with it.


It’s gone to a great home.  She played an Irish ballad for me that just brought tears to my eyes.  Nothing like those polka things which she does not do!  She has quite a musical family.  Her brother Ben is Ben Baldwin, a local musician is of Ben Baldwin and The Big Note fame.  We’ve all been listening to him for 30 plus years.  And, his son is in the Dirty Projectors (I think that’s the name) a modern big time group now.  I’ll be sure to visit her when I go to San Fran just to hear her beautiful playing.

I made an Olive Oil Cake for dessert that night after I gave them Taco’s.  Who serves taco’s to Californians?  Carla.  Oh well. We all loved them then the CAKE…with fresh raspberries from our garden.


Ruth, Matt & doggies are here.  Actually, R&M have been in New York at a wedding for two days; it’s us and the dogs.  Geech. Remind me to not have so many pets around when I’m trying to work.  My dog knows to get out of my way – these guys do not.  Especially Gomer….plants his feet and won’t budge.

I had a ton of fruit and since the oven was still fired up this a.m. I threw in a mixed fruit pie for tonights dinner.


Our potatoes are ready.  And crispy.  Slicing these is like slicing an apple – it cracks.  Bound for Potato Salad land.


Paul has been building these little tenders for boating people.  Really cute, light, made out of canvas.  We tried it out in the pool.


That pool is the love of my life.  Really, so nice to have.  I’m lucky.  And, now it’s a business expense, no?

Yesterday while churning out the usual laundry scene around here I got the bright idea to try washing all my zip locs in the washer instead of by hand at the sink.  I’ve always done them by hand and hung them on the line but this was better…..I used just vinegar as the wash, no soap.


And, to be color coordinated…..


I think our new kitty is missing Zoe!Image


2 thoughts on “Catering

  1. Paula says:

    And brunch was delishous. Thank you Carla.


  2. Marji says:

    OMG! THE ziplocks hanging up! Remember the little “clothes line” at the cafe? To this day I wash and hang up my zippies. People think I’m crazy. I say frugal. LOVE the Paul in the boat picture, that is hilarious!


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