Billy Bob, Among other topics!

Well, everybody has one.  A “Billy Bob” in the family.  I got a recent e-mail from a close friend “snicker snicker” with an attachment to our local newspaper.  Cripes.  There’s our Billy Bob, one of Paul’s sisters, with a COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE article about her business – one of those that belong out on Route One type of businesses.  Geech. Embarrassment plus.  So, the e-mails begin…..a flurry of them.  But, the silver lining to the story – I was telling a friend who called that it’s not so bad for me because most people don’t know my last name…..I am Carla – that’s it. 


She reminded me I was lucky just having a single name… works in all sorts of situations but then she said “your kind of like Cher, you know, just one name, most people know you”.  Funny.  But, in this instance, correct.  I keep meaning to shake that other appendage to my name and actually have tried here in the State of Maine (so friggin backwards).  I actually was told by our state government folks that I could petition to use my maiden name – petition, are you joking??? and then I had to give them a form with my husbands signature recognizing (and allowing) me to change my name back.  Wholly mackerel, where and of what age are we living in?  So, I just said screw it I just won’t use it…..there you have it, Carla!  Plain and simple and with the Billy Bob’s in our world it has made one hell of a difference and saved me embarrassment.

My cooking situation has slowed right down these days – it’s been so darn hot.  Lots of swimming – killer yoga and Pilate’s at 7 a.m. at the beach and even then it’s hot and sweaty.

That fennel/kale salad a few posts back?  It gets better and better.  I had some left over corn, chilled broccoli and some already chopped kale ready to go, added the fennel 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/3 cup lemon juice and some mustard.  Fabulous with grilled chicken sausage.  Yum.  Easy dinner, crunchy and cold.


While I’m on a “that previous recipe” bent……I altered the simple sesame bread loaf posted recently.  I make it now with 2.5 cups of whole wheat, 1/2 C. of oats and then added 1/2 C. chopped smokey black walnuts.  A perfect bread for the yogurt cheese we have practically every night.

Raspberries – we have tons, yes?  So of course on the most unbearable day we had to pick (or loose to the ground) tons of berries and make jam.  The jam part doesn’t really work with raspberries as you end up with tons of seeds everything else evaporates so I strained it at the last minute as it was poured into the jars…..raspberry jelly it is.  See the one in the back – tons of seeds.


That jam on top of yogurt cheese on top of that black walnut bread… die for.  That will be showing up at my catering gigs for sure!

My pal syd was discussing her daughters upcoming wedding in southern California….mentioning her brothers penchant for Hawaiian Shirts.  I love Hawaiian shirts and am always scouring Goodwill stores when I’m in tropical areas.  Killer availability in south Florida but then a friend referred to it as “dead man shirts” and I kinda felt creepy.  Apparently all the wives send off the deceased old man’s clothing to south Florida Goodwill’s….creepy.  But, Syd’s brother has all new.  She sent this photo of his closet and then tells me he has so many more, this is the tip of the iceberg.  Shirt envy big time!!!!


Actually it’s kinda funny.  When my mother was moved up here to live with us, this is what her closet looked like, without my glasses on, but it was K-Mart Florida clothes colors.  Really odd here in Maine.

Geez, it’s in the 70’s today think I’ll cook a turkey.  We haven’t had one since last Thanksgiving and I’ve had this hankering for a bit now.  That and scones for 65 people… problem.


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