Cold cucumber/mint water

Hot dog days.  Record high – my pool is up to 87 degrees now.  And to think I actually get in it when it hits 70.  Ruth is really excited as they are coming up for a visit this week-end and she says it’s now the right temperature for her. 

I’ve been making iced coffee quite a bit lately.  The big trick to this one……filter it carefully, don’t stir it up!  Take 1/2 pound of ground, dark coffee – put it in a large glass jar.  Add 16 Cups of cold water (don’t stir, just press the coffee below the surface to make sure the entire surface is wet).  Let sit overnight.  In the a.m. place a doubled piece of muslin cloth over a strainer and LADLE the coffee carefully into the strainer.  It’s the sediment you don’t want.  After you have strained it let it sit for a minute and then ladle it into glass jars.  That’s it.  You should have zip sediment.  Truly is the best iced coffee ever and I’m kinda glad we don’t have that cafe anymore…’s a process that takes time and care but you will see, well worth it.  The other day I took my leftover coffee from the coffeepot and make iced with that – hell no, terrible, now that I’m a spoiled brat I couldn’t drink the leftovers anymore.  Try this way.

We were out with our sister & brother in-law last night at the Hamilton House in Eliot listening to Music in the Garden – a really fun group….Mainesqueeze.  Really fun.  Anyhow, my sister in law brought iced lemonade with cucumber & lime.  Pretty good.  Refreshing.  This morning I made a few jars of cucumber/mint/ lemon verbena and water & a squeeze of agave.  Refreshing also.


This is nice because you can just keep adding water to the jar until you’ve really used up all the flavors…..should last quite a bit.

I don’t think I published this one yet… daughter in law and the girls.  Kelly put the tart together – nice job eh?


Here’s the remains of the day:  Paul jr. his girl Allie deep in conversation with her new best friend, Colbie and Miss Zoe eating the way we all used to…..with the hands! 


These two spent days following each other around! 


It was you follow me, I’ll follow you.


Tonight I’m making Pad Thai – maybe some shots tomorrow if all turns out well.  It is hard to think of food with days like these.

We did go sailing this week-end and ended up opting for the air conditioned car!  It was even hot and sweaty out on the ocean and no wind.  Hardly know this is Maine.



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