Crispy Kale Salad

Wow, this WordPress is tiresome.  Now it is three times I’ve written a post and it’s declined it.  Publish Post, New Post, what could be wrong?  I’ll zap this and see if it goes through before I retype the darn thing.

Crap, it said it took it.  Oh well.

Krispy Cold Kale & Fennel Salad


2 Fennel Bulbs sliced paper thin

1/2 C. chopped dill

1/3 C. Lemon Juice

1/3 C. Lemon Olive Oil or plain

Maldon Salt

Marinate in a bowl for at least an hour. 

Just before serving, add:

Lots of chopped fresh kale

Squeeze of Agave

Lots of sliced almonds (perfect if toasted)

1/2 block of crumbled or chopped feta

Cracked black pepper to taste

Totally delicious salad.  Even the kido’s liked it.

Ruth sent along this Wedding Cake from some website…..kinda cool.


Even the strawberries have little tuxedos on them.  Fancy schmancy.

Little Zoe had zip problems finding something for entertainment at our house.  Here she is spinning around on my rice sifter.  Who would know?  It was actually really cool seeing it spin with her in it.  Colbie is in the background waiting her turn.


The family left yesterday morning…..I am in mourning!  Love those little cutie patuties….full of kisses and hugs.  I so miss my own kids being little ones so it’s lovely having grandchildren to do that all over again.  And, I’m finding having 7 years between my kids is a total bonus – spacing out the babies.  This loving thing goes on and on.


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