Oh I hope I’m not boring you.  It has been a food frenzy over here and pictures will follow when I have a moment.  Today, after my Luna walk, I’ll be making pie crusts.  One for Jesse’s favorite Pastry Cream Tart with fresh fruit.  One for a blueberry pie to be consumed mid day.  I’m also starting up some barbecue pork ribs and chicken and a crazy salad using lots of our fresh kale (we have tons!).  I saw a recipe the other day somewhere using fennel & chard? I’ll use kale if I can remember it.  We had a terrific quinoa tabbouleh last night with mint/feta/tiny tomatoes/parsley in a lemon garlic vinaigrette – very pretty. 

Yesterday we sailed with the girls for the first time – the parents were there too!  Out to the nubble and back – could not have been a more perfect day.  Clear, sunny, warm, no rocking or bobbing about, kelly didn’t get sick.  And we got the closest to the nubble light I have ever been.  What a view.  Hour out, hour back.    It was all good, dude.

Our activities the past two nights (kids are visiting for 3 days, gotta get a ton in) has been bubbles, light sticks and eating homemade Popsicles.  Perfect summer evenings.




Love those grand daughters!  I’m such a goosh and sucker for the dollar store with all those kid things, cheap.

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