Verbena Blues

These colors are just beautiful!


I needed to make a quick pie this morning as we were headed out to visit with my sons grandparents….ancient, I always take them a treat.  So, I did a one crust, fold over the top pie for them (and one for us….picnic along the way).  I made the 2/3 C. rye flour and 1/3 C. beer plus the normal stuff crust.  Blueberries & fresh lemon verbena.  Delicious.  Such a nice pie.  I used a one pie amount of ingredients and divided into two pies.  Perfect, not too large, we could eat half at one sitting and not feel terribly guilty – just a taste.

The visit was lovely.  I took a huge bouquet of fresh mint (those nursing homes totally stink).  The first thing they did was stick their noses way down in the greenery and just plain smell it up.  Poor things, stuck in that place with zip fresh air – it was like an oven in there.  As we walked down the hall absolutely everyone was asleep sitting up in their chairs or still in bed or whatever.  Sad.  We did have a lovely visit though – laughing, talking about their great grandchildren, our grandchildren….the generations just keep going.

Anyhow, after the visit we traveled north in New Hampshire (we were in Concord) to the Kangamangus Highway then crossed mountains.  It was a perfect day.  At the end we found a very sleepy town with an abandoned, wrecked gazebo which suited us for our picnic.  It was in the shade on a quiet street, lots of lawn around, breezes and really a cool, old wooden structure.  I could imagine the music it has heard!  Well, we left our memory of a Maine Blueberry pie being totally enjoyed by two people and a chocolate lab.  Heaven.


2 thoughts on “Verbena Blues

  1. patty says:

    Hi Carla,
    Everything sounds so yummy. I love following.. Any menu ideas for a fourth cookout/graduation with about ten people? Wonering about lobster rolls..The graduate wants a strawbery chocolate tart which is an oldie from the Silver Palate.


    • carlarollins says:

      Hi Patty. Congratulations. If your grilling… your lobsters cooked, butterfly them, baste with an herb butter on the grill. They get a nice char and yummy flavor. Not too long – in fact you could ask whoever cooks them to undercook and would they mind cutting them for you (they have a nice sharp blunt knife, usually). Lobster rolls are good too then you can have all those traditional salads, potato, cole slaw, etc. Pretty much everyone loves that stuff. End it all with homemade strawberry shortcake, including blueberries (that way you get the red/white & blue thing happening). Nice hearing from you.


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