Dream Bars

What smells!  Ramping up for catering around here.  Yesterday on a cold, blustery, icky, rainy day I decided to get the jump on things and make the dream bars for an Event coming up.  It takes a bunch of steps, all done by hand so the kitchen is always a big mess after this one.  But, well worth it.  This combo is nice.  I believe I told this story last year but here you go again……an employee of mine, Amanda, came into work and told me about a dream of hers; plopping chocolate chip cookie dough on top of brown dough.  Hence, Amanda’s Dream Bars were invented.  I’m sure not the first but the memorable part for me is she didn’t want the customers (especially guys) to know this is what she dreams about when she felt she probably ought to be dreaming about sex.  She was 24 or 5 at the time, maybe younger.


Marj loves this stuff raw.  I gave Marj the best birthday present ever last year – a container of raw chocolate chip cookie dough.  Go figure.  It’s the small stuff.  Lovely day out – later if I have time I hope to make a blueberry & goats cheese pie w/crumb topping.  I saw it on the web the other day and thought, hummmmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Dream Bars

  1. where is the recipe can’t find it darlene


  2. JoAnne says:

    I heard of “slutty brownies”. first layer is brownie batter, then layer of oreo cookies, then layer of chocolate chip cookie batter. waaaaay too rich for me but sounds yummy!


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