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I wanted to share this one as it’s an old favorite. 

Roasted Tomatoes & Garlic

We love this stuff.  I’m not sure if the reason is because when I make this I also make tons of french bread (James Beard of course) to soak it up and then we invite friends over to share all this food and that’s fun too.  It kinda all goes together.  Tonight is the night.  I woke up this morning to a snow squall.  I thought “all is lost”, what can we do?  So, looking at my tomatoes & garlic on the kitchen counter that I had roasted yesterday…thinking blues….ah, we can have a “winter blues” party….blues music, blueberry pies.  o.k. we’ve got music, dessert, appetizers what’s in between?  Not sure on that one yet – a few possibilities; homemade fish tacos are always the way to go but then Rancho Gordo had a baked bean recipe (haven’t had those in years) and I do have assorted chicken sausages on hand and a ton of kale which could become either a salad or something sauteed.  Hummmm…. These pictures will show you pre roasted tomatoes & garlic then the most fabulous way to eat them – sitting there on top of an egg salad sandwich.  I’ve been buying fresh eggs from The Three G Farm in York – Our knit shop; The Yarn Sellar; is owned by Carrie McKie who has another life as a farm girl with goats, chickens, pets and family and great fresh eggs 3 bucks! Nothing like them.  Garlic/basil/olive oil; little of this and that.  Incredible taste.  Barefoot Contessa; Back to Basics is the place to find this recipe or write me.  Have a nice week-end.

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