Chicken Chili & Georgeous Blues Warp

I was writing about those goofy things that inspire me (but, I lost the post)…..never know where it’s coming from but then, you get an idea, and wham….we’re off.  For me it was Chicken Chili which happened out of buying a dollar bag of pintos from the Dollar Store.  I have only been in one once before but I was on the hunt for Shooter cups for some Gazpacho I’m serving at a catering event this week-end.  I found them and all sorts of other cool things – to the tune of $27.00 – who would think?  $27. is a fortune for that type of store – a regular shopper, I was.  I brought those pintos home, soaked them overnight, and cooked them in the a.m.

This was fun.  I had some thawed boneless, skinless chicken thighs – just three.  I chunked those and started sauteing with some flour, salt & pepper.  When almost done I added that to the cooked pinto beans that I placed in my crockpot.  Then while the saute pan was hot I cooked up a bag of frozen peppers and onions from Trader Joe’s (they advertise it as grilled), added some chicken stock, lots of chili powder, a can of green chilis and the chipolte hot sauce.  Cooked on low for about 6 hrs.  Fini, delish.

Oh, yes, I can see I also added some whole plum tomatoes & juice from a previously opened can in the fridge.  I love making stuff this way – tweaking it here and there and the love of having it all ready at dinner time.  I’m so used to being busy with kitchen stuff from 4:00 on; it’s a treat to be able to do other things until we decide it’s time to eat…..there is a vast amount of useful time between 4 & 7.

My useful time was spent winding some warp.  More blues, 100% bamboo this time.  Dish towels probably – again an 8 yard warp.

These posts are a bit choppy, I do apologize but I am learning this whole new space.  It will work eventually. What a stupid spell check on this program – it suggested a hyphen between love and making when I was talking about enjoying making food this way.  Hello?

Okay now this will be a reach.  I have a number of friends who are really interested in birds.  While reading the paper this morning I came across a very interesting article on Dousing Lights to Save Birds.  We loose 6.8 million birds a year from Communication Towers when that number could be cut to pretty much zip if they would just shut off the constant red light – keep the blinking one for planes, etc. but the red tower light is what is killing the birds.  Apparently they fly to it and go around and round until they die of exhaustion.  Weird.  But, lets turn off the darn light.  The article says it would not be a hazard at all to shut it off.  You can read the whole thing here:


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