Seems to be my thing these days….experimental cooking on a Saturday.  Yesterday was a beaut.  I’ve been on a cleaning out the canned shelf kick lately and found some crushed pineapple to go along with my fresh sliced stuff so I looked for my old, tried & true pineapple upside down cake.  Couldn’t find it.  Usually I have those things in binders but so many binders……Anyhow, I found one in the original Silver Palate; made in a spring form pan – that should have clued me into a problem.  I pulled it together – nice recipe, 3 Tbs. rum which is always nice with butter and brown sugar.  Then when I went to turn it over it exploded all over my stove top – amazing mess.  It was clean so I quickly scooped it up with a spatula back to the baking sheet it was on thinking I didn’t want the sugar to bake onto the top.  It looked o.k. just kind of runny a bit so I popped the whole thing in the oven for a few extra minutes.  Actually, it worked out fine – the juice absorbed into the cake, the pineapple caramelized and the cake, well it looked like a pudding cake (maybe).  What the heck, throw it in a bowl and there you go!  Paul loved it and seriously had no idea it wasn’t supposed to look like that.  Works for me!  What a save; and I was able to get the sugar off fast before it baked on.  I did not take a picture – some would have been horrified.

Ooops forgot to include some pictures….back in a momento.


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