Close one!

Boy that was close.  I used a new app. on my phone – I wanted to see what Instagram was all about but most what it is worth.  Geech.  It’s just a photo thing that you can shift the colors around for these people sites.  I had hoped it was something I could just send to my close people…like kids, etc.  Wrong.  Then when I came on here to see the picture there were all sorts of Instagram stuff lined up.  I’m hoping it’s gone.

Millet Muffins.  That Heidi Swanson – I’m thinking you just have to get her books.  Every single item I make of hers is fabuloso.  The Millet Muffins are from her cookbook which I adore and yes, it’s kind of like eating bird food, crunchy, seeds.  We used to have love birds and they ate this stuff all the time.  I cleaned quite a bit up as they would throw it everywhere.  Didn’t know I could eat it.  Anyhow, these are good.  They appeal to me as I cut the sugar yet again and added some chopped ginger, more lemon.

I’m still going with the Vegetable thing I make every morning.  I feel good.  The wine/etc. has been gone for two months now I think.  I’ve been drinking this fruit/vege thing every day.  It changes each day according to what I have on hand – these days there is a lot of peaches and mint in my drinks oh rhubarb puree too.  My garlic is up but I’m sure that won’t be going in. And, I’m 10 lbs. lighter and would be even lighter than that if I could just stop baking.  Not going to happen.

Cooking 101’s Parmesan spread was a hit.  I took it to a small dinner party the other night….what’s with me cooking 8 loaves of french bread?  Anyhow, I put lots of fresh chives in it, left it at room temp. for the afternoon.  Tasted just like Fondue.  I like fondue and don’t ever make it but I’ll be making this more.  It is wicked important to use really good Parmesan – not that cheap stuff in the grocery store.  Get the one with a brown rind, dimpled, etc.  I forget the name but there is only one.  A clue:  it’s about 12-14 bucks a pound.  Ouch.  But, it’s a nicer taste by far.  The cheap stuff just tastes like oil and salt; lots of salt.


2.5 C. Grated Parm – food processor works best although I think the shaved would be nice texturally.

¼ C. white wine

¼ C. olive oil

That’s it, mix it up well, add what you want and yum away.

So, where I took the cheese and bread the other night.  Amazing.  Some elderly friends of ours who clearly have done well decided to add on to their farm a few years ago.  They had been following through an auctioneer a particular Tavern built in 1740 in Gilmanton, NH.  Well, when it hit their price range they bought it, had it disassembled and moved (every single tiny piece was accounted for) to their home site in Southern New Hampshire.  We were totally taken aback.  They paid the bucks to have it completely authentic, nails were made specifically for it, period furniture made, pottery and drink ware made, etc.  The entire home is a Tavern.  No electricity.  My friend even made beeswax candles.  They cooked dinner for us in the fireplace (with a flash light to see).  They did add a room off the back which is the current kitchen, heated floors and shower but the actual Tavern is 100% perfect as it once stood.  The wide floors and beams were hard to imagine…..imagine that we had that size trees once in NH.  It was cool.  Their home is surrounded by sheep – they have dye gardens of herbs all around the house for about 6 ft. out then the sheep are next.  My friend spins, cards, dyes and weaves with their wool.  Kinda scratchy stuff in my opinion but they like it.  It was very much like having dinner with old friends (we’ve been pals for 30 years) in a private museum.  When their was a lull in the conversation all you could hear was the water crackling in the beeswax candles.  Beautiful.

Kind of makes you want to seriously drop out as apparently our friends have.  I’m jealous.  P.S. they have no neighbors just beautiful fields, lots of farm animals and tons of fruit trees.  They used to have peacocks….I always loved seeing those walking around but I think the noise made them nuts so off they went to someone else.


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