Finally took the test!  Sanitation for Food Managers and anyone else that just wants to get a heads up on the nastiness out there.  This is better than Weight Watchers…..very effective.  Take the course and never eat again.  Anyhow, I will get the results in a week or so.  This course is required to get my license – all just so I can advertise.  Cripes.

Yesterday my food supplier and friend Lenore at Shaheen had a wonderful food show in Portsmouth, NH.  I love those things.  It’s really neat to go in and see everything you could ever want on display with helpful people just dying to tell you about their products.  Very cool.  Lots of sampling.  You taste stuff you probably would never know was precooked.  Or products that who would know are available.  It could make life very simple.  I tend to make EVERYTHING homemade which I believe is my niche but it sure was fun and I have to say the pre-cooked turkey burgers were delicious.  Produce has come a long way – used to be we got bags and bags of stuff; the usual suspects…lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, celery.  Now they have cool colors, really fresh & organic!  Yea!

How does this get so blue?  I steamed it up and it retained the color.  Nice, would be great with a yummy white feta dip?  or, something with dill.  They gave me a package of baby romaine for grilling…I like that.  And, those boxes of assorted baby greens packaged in 4’s which when you wash and roll up to dry it’s a ton (for us a week of salads every night) that little box is deceiving.

In between threading my loom (yes, still) been busy, I made pesty Paul is rhubarb cobbler – where are the other 20 people that should be living here?  But, it’s going fast, the guys in the shop love it, as does Paul so…out the door it goes.

Paul asked first if it was gluten free, dairy free, butter free, flax, no flax,  etc. when I told him it was just straight rhubarb cobbler with all the fat was he ecstatic.  The relief that came over his face; looked like he lost 10 years in age.  Poor guy.  He just loves standard recipes.  He tolerates my experiments well but is delighted when I give him just the regular.

My piece on the loom is nearing completion in the threading process.  You have to be a math head to enjoy this stuff.

Speaking of math head….yesterday was my volunteer time with my mentor child.  She is nine years old – what a smarty pants.  She was showing me logarithmic as a way of multiplying.  Now, when I was in third grade I do not remember knowing many numbered multiplications, just the usual 9×9, etc.  She whipped out 4 numbers x 4 numbers then set up this graph.  You take the top four and spread it out then take the multiply by 4 and go down the right side…..square grid underneath then you multiply your side numbers one by one, fill in the square, add the squares diagonally and wallah, the answer.  It is, to me, truly amazing.  What a cool way for kids to learn math.  I, personally really like math but I know most don’t.  This is EASY.  I asked the teacher how I missed this in school and he said it wasn’t taught in this country but the Asians have been learning this way forever – what does that tell you about the current markets and economy?  I’ll take a picture of a diagram and put it up here later.

Off to start winding bobbins.


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