All done with eating all those colored eggs.  What was I thinking making a full dozen?  It’s the colors; thank god I didn’t have one of those paz things we’d have another dozen for sure.  Come to think of it I never had enough colors in my crayon box either.  Anyway, we’ve had mostly curried stuffed eggs as Paul’s appetizer at night.  He insisted on chopped shallots & curry.  Darn, they were good.  The last one was a surprise.  As my brother would say “ick-snay-nerd-nay”.  Kinda creepy, no?

Paul just had to have a pie.  He’s been bugging me to make another banana cream pie but I just know I’d be eating it so I dug out the raspberries and dehydrated rhubarb – both from our garden last year.  I wanted to see how the dehydration works re-hydrating.  Not bad.  I added some apple juice but it’s too sweet so then I added some water (we’re talking 1/2C. liquid total).  I already had the crust in the freezer so a crumb topping was in order.

It has pineapple in there too.  Well, talk about sour…eeeewww.  He loves it – it’s all his although he says it would be improved with vanilla ice cream – Mr. Skinny Man makes me crazy with what he can eat and I absolutely cannot.  I guess it’s o.k. though because my thrill really is in the making not the eating part.

After spending some “quality” time with my mentor child at school yesterday; she is 9 years old, I stopped at the Library desperate for a total absorbing book.  OMG, this is it.  Once again (thankfully) I have found one of those forget everything and just read – never mind going to the bathroom or getting some tea or tending the pets.  I’m reading now.  A Ruth Savage moment – my mothers entire life actually.

Wholly mackerel what a fantastic book.  Rebecca, you have to get this book!  The main character is a young girl who has lived her entire life (all 18 years so far) in various short term foster homes.  She’s wicked angry, hurtful and out of control entirely – alienates absolutely everyone, steals, eats donuts and stolen candy or drinks milk endlessly for weeks.  But, she learns along the way the Victorian language of flowers (her name is Victoria) and the romantic expressions of flower names.  She’s brilliant and the writer is brilliant with this character – she blooms and your there to read and see it happening.  The book travels through both her past and present at the same time, taking place in San Fransisco.  It is such a soul searching book.  We’ve all had some experiences with stuff that happens in our youth and can relate.  Truly amazing.  Read this book!


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