Happy Easter!

We took our dog to the beach at 7 a.m. – absolutely beautiful down there, very peaceful with no one about.  Kind of a gray day but pleasant with remarkably low tide.

We checked up on our boat in the harbor.  We believe we have sold it and I think this shot shows kind of a pensive Paul.  He’s o.k. he wants it gone….wooden, so much work each year but still – he built it almost 15 years ago, it has a lot of tender love in it.  I too will miss it.  There is a flip side though; not having to do spring and fall work on it and the expense of the upkeep.

Amazing low tide, I have never seen it this low yet the boat is not sitting on the bottom in this photo.  You can see on the posts by Paul how high the water line is.

Home to make this tart for a customer; Jesse’s favorite, fresh fruit & pastry cream with a nice, crispy tart pastry underneath.  Yummola.

Now I get to go in my sewing room and make some pot holders.  I burned the heck out of my hand taking this crust out of the oven with a wet, crappy pot holder.  So, as I threw all of my potholders away in frustration;  I knew exactly what I would be doing with part of my day today.  I’m sick of those cheap things and I just love to sew kind of nonsense stuff. Peace.


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