Such disappointment around here this morning.  Paul discovered someone (s) stole our boat out front, on Route 91.  It was a 90 year old skiff that was used as a Livery Boat for the summer people of Biddeford Pool.  The hotels used this boat to troll their customers from hotel to hotel in the early 1920’s.  Flappers and all that…..cocktail parties, dances, lawn parties, think Zelda Fitzgerald and F. Scott. 

It was a 14’ boat that we originally hung in the rafters for about 20 years or so and then decided to put it out front as sort of a sign of our place, what we do, etc.  Paul put it up on big blocks so people could see it but then we started getting people asking if they could take it.  He bolted it into the blocks in two or three places in order to keep it in one spot.  It would take a few people to lift this thing.  I can’t even lift one of the blocks.

So, it appears they ripped the boat off, perhaps even sawed it in half as one of the bolts is still here and the some of the blocks are gone.  We called the police; I did some CSI work around it in the hopes they dropped something.  All I could find were some very deep foot prints and a definitely speeding away mark in the dirt, bastards.

The boat wasn’t monetarily valuable; it was just a landmark and something everyone enjoyed seeing as they drove by.  You wouldn’t believe how many people would stop and ask about it and quite a few people took the lines off it (meaning measured so they could duplicate the design).  We’re thoroughly disgusted because now the boat is really wrecked and in the wrong hands.  A shame.

I just don’t get the concept of taking someones stuff – it has never computed with me!

Scenes of the crime and how the place was left.  In the second picture you can see it sat on a cradle of beams and it was bolted in place!  I just hope it turns up and the people who stole it are caught so I can look them in the eye and call them scumbags.

Well, on to more pleasant matters….how about some food?

Before the discovery I was messing about with a muffin idea.

These are fabulous, really.  Everything in it is probably good for you.  It all started with Ruth & Matt leaving a bag of individually wrapped prunes here.  What to do with them?  I, personally, could eat the whole bag but then there would be problems.  I wanted these to be bran muffins, but, yet again, no bran in the house.  I swear I have it on my list all the time but for some reason it doesn’t happen or I loose it in my vast store of stuff in the basement.  That’s where I keep everything!  But, I did find some seriously organic raisin bran cereal that is just too hard to eat as cereal;…..perfect.

2 eggs

1 C. buttermilk

½ C. coconut oil, melted

¼ C. maple syrup (could be honey)

½ C. Hemp seeds

1.5 C. raisin bran (or whatever is around, I was going to use flax cereal)

Mix in large bowl and let sit for a bit so the grains are absorbed.


1 C. Whole wheat flour

¼ C. sugar, brown is nice

1 tsp. soda and 1 tsp. powder

½ tsp. salt

PRUNES (could be anything, apricots, raisins, cranberries)

At least a hand-full or two of cut in half prunes.  I used allot and then tucked a half in the top of all of them just to be sure.

Scoop into a liner in a greased muffin tin, bake at 375 about ½ hr.  Take the muffins out of the tin pretty soon after you take them out of the oven.  Let cool.

They really are delicious and have to be pretty good for you.

Not a great shot but I wanted you to see the hemp seeds, they act like sesame seeds and have a bit of a crunch and…..the prune.

O.K. another thing I toyed with but the jury is out on this one.  Paul loved it, I was thinking not really.  But, my customer whom I’m making a fish dinner for a party next week wanted me to try it.  I think the bacon part is what I don’t like, perhaps. Everything is a strong flavor, the capers, the bacon, you can’t taste the fish.  It’s an old recipe and kind of tasted like one of those old fashioned dinner foods people used to make.  I prefer fresher, simpler food but…..I will try something else tonight that I have in mind and then present the two pictures to my client.

The gist of this one is floured sole layered with yogurt (I didn’t have the required sour cream) chopped cucumbers, capers & bacon.  One of the three layers has mustard mixed in the yogurt.  Then it’s topped with Parmesan and baked for ½ hour.  This is Paul’s plate and has beans & rice and a salad on it.  Isn’t he a huge eater?  Why isn’t he fat?  lucky guy.


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