Another crazy scramble of a post.  Weekends always tend to bring out the food experimenter in me – not that I’m not crazy during the week but less so as I’m out and about then but week-ends I like to stay home and let it rip.

Laura’s flowers which I promised to post the other day….ooops.

Lovely, no?  Always brings a smile to my face!

A friend called me for some Almond Scones to be picked up today.  I always make them ahead, freeze them then bag em up.  Customers take them home to their freezer and they always have them to serve after they bake them from the frozen state.  It took us a few years to figure out that one at the cafe….duh, trying to make them fresh all day long is tiresome and boring.  Who wants to make nothing but scones?

The woman who ordered these, Ms. Caroline MacDonald, is putting these in a freezer in a house her daughter and son in law are renting while here visiting.  The kids will always have something fun to eat in the a.m.  Her daughter was a big fan of our cafe.  Cool idea.

Saturday morning I dug out a very old bagel recipe.  Paul and I love Montreal bagels; you boil them first:

Then bake them up.  Start to finish about 2 hours with the mixing, rising, etc. 

Chives are growing in my garden so I’ve added it to the cream cheese.  In fact, I’ve added it to everything lately….much to my husbands chagrin these bagels have whole wheat in them so they are heartier than those fluffy white things you get in the store.  Nothing like it.  I even put chia seeds on top of a few…..getting carried away with that health bit.

For dinner last night I experimented with a recipe from 101 – fabulous.  I am catering a dinner party next week and was hoping to come up with a rice recipe rather than white with parsley to go with fish.  This is it, I believe. 

Brown rice, lots of fresh chives, black and tan sesame seeds, crushed almonds and lime salt. I did tuck a chunk of feta inside each one.  There is no oil or butter so they stick together really well yet they are moist.  I can see these with fish packets with herbs/wine & leeks.  Yummy juice pooling around the rice once the packets are opened, yes?

We watched two movies in the past few days.  The first one was recommended by our sons girlfriend…she knows I love those health things and am always trying to loose some weight (a different job might do that for me but what?  I love what I do).  Anyhow the first was Fat, Sick and Dying.  OMG what a great movie.  Actually the movie was poor, poorly filmed, etc. one of those home movie type of deals with an Australian as the narrator running around the country interviewing people about food habits and sort of pushing his diet of Juicing. (turns out he owns Breville, what a surprise, NOT). But….completely inspirational.  You saw the guy in the beginning and followed him and another guy 480 lbs. through their fasting which was called rebooting.  Nice idea.  Drink a fruit & vege. juice for a few meals a day for a few days or weeks until you get on track.  Micro nutrients…almonds, etc. 

So, of course “miss jump on the bandwagon” here, I started juicing.  I looked at the Breville juicer (we used to have one in work and offered juicing but did not have enough takers); where did that juicer go?  They are expensive so I pulled out my plain old blender, kitchen aid, works fab.  I put in 3 ice cubes, an apple, orange, banana, celery, cucumber, tons of chopped dinosaur kale, 1/3 C. frozen blueberries and water to fill (not much). Two very large drinks!

My son tells me the juicer extracts too much pulp but you end up with just juice.  I like the pulp part so I think I’ll save my dollars and just use the blender.

I made one yesterday that was super cool.  3 ice cubes, 3 carrots, celery, pear, cooked whole beet (TJoes sells these in 5 packs, easy), ½ lemon minus the skin, handful of kale,  1/3 C. frozen raspberries and a couple chunks of uncrystallized ginger.  It looked like a Bloody Mary and because of the ginger tasted peppery.  Sweet/hot, delicious taste.  I have pineapple/pear/cukes set out for today’s masterpiece, waiting for inspiration as to the rest of the ingredients.

OOOPS, posted the photo twice – I don’t know how to get rid of it.

I have lost 5 lbs. but that is probably due to the fact that I stopped all alcohol a few weeks ago.  But, I am feeling optimistic and I love the light eating – when I’m not eating those darn bagels!

Another movie we saw last night.  Very cool.  My friend Marji recommended it.  Pancho Barnes and The Happy Bottom Riding Club – big, long name.  I found it on Netflix – it’s a documentary of a woman who was wicked famous as one of the first air pilots along with Amelia (in fact beat her in the speed flights).  Check this movie out – well worth it, fabulously interesting.  I now want to be her.   My dad used to fly and always flew me to crazy ass stunt stuff in central Florida.  Goofball.


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