It’s been kinda hot, 84 at one point yesterday.  Our porch is still plastic covered, Jersey style, really hot in the house with the kitchen doors open.  But, my favorite drink has been plentiful.  The ones in this picture are African Nectar on the right (rooibos & flowers) and on the left is a ginseng, herbal concoction, pretty refreshing.  In my next life I’m going to have an ice thingy on my fridge.  I can’t keep up.

I made some interesting muffins yesterday that actually taste like good for you food instead of just sweet stuff.

Heading into the oven with 100% whole wheat flour, Agave instead of sugar (only ½ C.), lots of lemon peel & juice,  Cocoa grounds (from the iced cocoa drink the other day) cool reuse.  Hemp seeds, Coconut oil instead of butter and 2 Cups of those Raspberries I’m working on using up.

It’s amazing but my husband loved them – he hates healthy stuff.

Speaking of the old man….I finished the sweater I was making while on the boat this winter.  I started it in January, around the 10th. thinking it was for our son Paul Jr. his birthday was coming up and with all the boat time I figured I would get it done fast.  Well, no, my boys are giant size.  This sweater came out (I think) too big for the younger one and it fits just right on my hubcap.  He likes it so it’s his.  I will try a “fitting” on Paul Jr. if he shows up within the next two seconds but likely it will belong to the older Paul.

Basic sweater, easy to knit, size 10 needles and it’s machine wash & dry.  Fits all my areas for mindlessness at this point but….heavy, this thing laying in my lap in the tropics was a beast!  Today I’m pulling together a nice small sock project.  I’m going for lightness.

We had something new for dinner last night.  We have something new most of the time but this was particularly good.  Quinoa Cakes. 

These cakes are delicious.  You just make up some quinoa in the morning, let cool then mix in whatever you like, chopped chives, scallions, herbs, garlic – anything really; a few eggs and a cup of bread crumbs to bind.  That’s it, saute about 5 minutes each side (you can see I sauteed a bit longer than I should have but was distracted with some unhappy doggies at my feet.  Anyhow, while cooking I sauteed the chicken with some crumbs and once browned added stock till I got a nice brown sauce.  With this we had:

A napa cabbage/shaved apple slaw with lots of lemon and walnuts with a cider vinegar & lemon olive oil dressing touched off with a splash of heavy cream.  Crunchy.  Perfect for the hot evening with the iced tea.

I used up the last of our yogurt with chopped cucumbers as a sauce for the quinoa patties.

Today, in fact in a few moments, we’re heading out to drive to Long Island with our daughter and son in laws furniture in the truck.  Their home stuff is in storage there ready for the big move to Cape May, New Jersey for the next three years.  Coast Guard.  I would hate being in the service for various reasons but the moving constantly is so hard on them.  As a kid we moved quite a bit and I know it totally messed me up and I’m still dealing with damage control in my personality.  These kids are newly married, that’s hard enough without all this uprooting and being “stuck” with people they seriously have nothing in common with.  Geech.  To top it off the doggie that arrived so sick with seizures (Gomer) and has done so amazingly well is seizing up again.  He doesn’t do change well at all.  I will miss him.  My best bud, next to Luna of course. 

Jersey pizza – nothing like it, here we come!!!!!!


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