I am not sure how well you can see this but I tell you it was scary getting in last night. It was after 7, pitch, pitch dark. Not a light or boat or marker for miles. Swamps. To see this sign was incredible. I took this picture this morning when we left. We get off the main waterway which was only about 20 feet wide, traveled down a narrower passage and then…a small boatyard. I went looking for the showers, happy to have my feet on land! Have you evet heard a lion roar, not on tv? Exactly. And bears and wolves and elephants. On my hasty retreat the owner of the yard told me there is a large animal rescue next door. Creepy. But she said the wolves are roaming free in her neighborhood. I was so out of there! What situations we get ourselves into. Is everybodies life as crazy as mine? Enough with the stimulation. I will try and put up some more photos of this weird spot.


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