Low country food. Wonderful lunch at magnolias in charleston yesterday. Shellfish and grits. We shopped for provisions at harris teeter, upscale trader joes or downscale whole foods, just right. The mobs were shopping for hoppin john materials. A must have for new years day, which is carolina rice and pea beans. It brings good luck for the year. It was really hard to leave this morning. I could live there for the winter, happily..


My husband last night . That was his last beer on board, trouble, he is flooring it now for charleston. get out of the way boaters.

Beautiful sunrise over bulls bay, south carolina. Wr are now 15 miles from charleston. Dinner last night was the most discusting box of brand x mac and cheese made with almond milk and olive oil. Could not eat it. Out of fresh food and stores are days apart on intercoastal waterway. Come on big city!

Must read! Again one of those incredible books. Very cool how each story is connected to another perhaps 3 stories away. Hard edges, new york city life with the overall connection of 911 healing time. Great, great book. I lived for quite awhile on 80th and 3rd In manhattan. This book made me miss the wide variety of people, and the beauty and forgiveness of each. Please email me with your thoughts on this one. Carla.rollins@gmail.com

I am not sure how well you can see this but I tell you it was scary getting in last night. It was after 7, pitch, pitch dark. Not a light or boat or marker for miles. Swamps. To see this sign was incredible. I took this picture this morning when we left. We get off the main waterway which was only about 20 feet wide, traveled down a narrower passage and then…a small boatyard. I went looking for the showers, happy to have my feet on land! Have you evet heard a lion roar, not on tv? Exactly. And bears and wolves and elephants. On my hasty retreat the owner of the yard told me there is a large animal rescue next door. Creepy. But she said the wolves are roaming free in her neighborhood. I was so out of there! What situations we get ourselves into. Is everybodies life as crazy as mine? Enough with the stimulation. I will try and put up some more photos of this weird spot.