Vege Shred

I was rummaging through the fridge trying to come up with a vegetable for dinner….all sorts of bits and pieces in there.  I already have a soup so what to do with all the leftover wedges?  A slaw.

Everything went into the shredder.

½ organic cabbage

6 pickling cucumbers, skin and all

½ bermuda onion

1 apple

½ bunch of celery

1 whole lime (weird I know but perfect)

After it was in the bowl as such I put in some mayo., about 2 Tbs. then ½ cup of plain Greek Yogurt, sea salt flakes, pepper and 1 Cup of blond raisins.  I would have preferred cranberries but I didn’t have any – the color factor.

Now, the lime idea is weird but you usually put a squeeze of lemon in this sort of thing and I had them but I also had the huge bag of limes available and limes don’t have any pith or seeds (usually) so… it all went, a little color a lot of flavor.  Worked for me.

While rummaging I pulled out this bowl of fresh blueberries that needed attending.  I knew I had a raw tart crust in the freezer so I did my Marj blueberry pie mixture – lots of blueberries, some sugar, some cornstarch, some cinnamon.  Poured it in and since the shredder was out and cleaned I made a crumb topping….flour, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon & butter. 

There you go:

Now I need to find some people around here who wants to eat this.  We each had a small piece last night but really…..where the heck is that Cafe when I need it?

I kinda liked this version of a blueberry pie instead of the usual top crust one.

At the end of the day yesterday while I was doggie sitting I finished off my 10 yard warp on the loom.  Actually, it started to “wonk” out on me as it tends to do when I get to the end – something about not winding it on correctly in the beginning.  So, a perfect excuse to cut it off early….what’s a yard of waste?  The napkins are now in the washer; six to add to the four I have and a gift of three having left plus a few table runners.  Gee I am so bored with this pattern as you might wonder.  I’ll be hand hemming for the next few days and then off they go to Canada.  These are part of an exchange I belong to where we weave up linens of our own design and then write them up with complete instructions; give them to a organizer who distributes to others.  I get back an assortment with patterns of as many as I give.  It’s fun – a challenge to do really good work and then share it with other knowledgeable weavers.  I’ll post here what I receive in return….but it will be a month or so I suspect.

Next I’m on to weaving ties, I think.  I have this pattern in my head that I think would look terrific as a tie; my Wall Street Ties.  No one in my family wears a tie so where these crazy ideas came from I don’t know.  I was reading in a Men’s Fashion magazine this past week that suit jackets or sport jackets are now of a heavier wool and the ties are too light for them so Calvin, Marc and the boys are now sporting wool ties……how come I’m always just a tad late in being first?  I’ve had this idea for quite a while I’ve just been waiting for the loom to free up.  I’m thinking I’ll weave these in the tie format but for women as a Tie Scarf.  I don’t wear jewelry but I would wear this as a neck thing instead of a bulky scarf.  We’ll see – I’ll post pictures as I go.


Sunny Day

It’s a beautiful day here in la la land.  The storm was kind of a dud, just a ton of rain, sometimes sideways – cleaned my porch nicely, squeeky clean now.  I needed to get rid of those half used seed packets anyway.  Some of them were dated from 07, yiikes. 

Sunday and rain works for me….movies, baking, warm and cozy home, relatively quiet just a few visits from my doggies next door and youngest son & girlfriend checking in to see “whats for lunch”.  It’s miraculous how he always arrives at lunchtime.  Although I have to say it’s frequently lunchtime around here.  The older Paul eats all day and it really irritates me – what the heck, 6’4’ same weight as when I met him 34 years ago and me….hardly recognizable.  I don’t get it – my food intake is zip compared to everyone else around here.  I make it and spend huge amounts of time thinking about it but I don’t eat it.  It must get in through my pores (and my darn Irish genes).  Perhaps I should wear gloves.

The bread on the agenda yesterday was a Walnut/Hazelnut bread:

I love making this one because it’s different.  I use about three tablespoons of walnut oil, can be any nut oil then add just 1 tsp. salt and lots of nuts, perhaps 2 cups whole.  It is even better toasted the next day with coffee.  That is butter rubbed on top when it comes out of the oven – softens the crust a bit.

I made a turkey and vegetable soup but that is kind of a boring picture so I won’t bother posting that.

Last night after getting a few hours of weaving in….I was on a roll yesterday with my time management; I watched the movie Skin.  Interesting true story about Apartheid.

This morning I was gearing up for my hydroponics again, planting arugula and baby lettuces.  My outside garden went to weeds as usual.  I always have such terrific intentions but loose it somewhere in July.  The hydro stuff is great though and I seem to stay with it.  Anyhow, while working on it I was listening to my absolute favorite cd…..The Neville Brothers “In the Still of the Night”.  What a beautiful song.  I don’t think there is anything prettier.  We went to see these guys a few years ago in Portsmouth – out comes this huge, muscular, tattooed guy.  He’s the lead singer – what a voice, high notes and all.  It’s amazing.  That whole band is one talented bunch of guys.  I have the song on a Cole Porter cd but I looked it up to see if I could get just a Neville Bros. cd with that song on it so I can enjoy all of their stuff – lots of stuff and I did find it on just one but you can download the one song on Amazon.  Get a free taste listen next time your on…just beautiful, cool guy.

Tropical Storm Time

Oh my, all these days of hearing nothing but.  It is windy and wet and I’m seeing the trees sway big time but other than that I believe Hurricane Irene is going off in a different direction than here in coastal southern Maine.  I just looked at a map and saw it had passed Long Island.  I’ve been worried about our son in law in the Coast Guard.

A really funny friend called us the other night from Alabama and wanted to make sure we Northerners understood what to secure in case of a Hurricane.  He said we should put all our lawn furniture in the pool so they don’t rattle around!  Well, thank you Bryon….a great piece of advice.  I actually do have a pool but I’m thinking I need to get out there and stick a hose in it as it’s topping off with water now – I need to get water out!

My friend Sydney sent me this photo:   Great idea! She is prepared (I’m going to her house).

Ruth is ready:

She and her dad went zipping off to the ocean to check it out as did nine zillion other sea coasters…every time there is a weather event, it’s the “go to” spot.  They thought they saw our other son’s truck, our surfer son.  Brat, he still worries me to death.

I made another one of those Gluten Free cakes for a friend the other day.  I loved this topping.  Sorry, I forgot to photo the cake when it was done.  But, this is it all prepped up ready for the batter to be poured on.  They raved about it.

I’m currently embroiled in making a turkey stock, everything in the house vegetable wise, soup.  And, what started as a walnut bread but got cut with hazelnuts 50/50.  It’s a really nice yeast bread with 3 Tbs. walnut oil and the nuts.  You make three small round loaves from it.  Toasted with butter is the way to go.  That and soup; our dinner tonight.

I’m off to weave.  And, I’m not a bit worried about the power that is wavering here.  I’ll be weaving on the computer loom but if the power goes I can switch to my traditional loom just as easily.  It’s kind of handy having an archaic hobby.

Speaking of weaving; this morning I, in my quest to figure out the Apple TV situation we have here found a movie on Netflix called North & South – a drama about a cotton factory in England at the turn of the century.  It’s one of those series things so I suppose it was on Masterpiece Theatre or something.  Great movie.  I had such a wicked crush on the leading guy I had to watch all four episodes.  Dam he is cute.

Dog Week

This has been an amazing week up here.  My daughter and her husband arrived two weeks ago with their dogs.  One of the dogs is neurologically damaged (to say the least) and has a very hard time adjusting to his new “space”.  The result is he chews his feet but not just chews….tries to tear it off.  He has lots of problems but is just the most adorable little guy in the world.  He has no idea what is happening and neither do we.  We have been to lots of vets this week; a herbalist; a Chinese medicine/acupuncturist/Homeopathic and the emergency hospital.  This is not one of those, oh for heavens sake get over it, type of things.  This guy is in perceived pain most of the time.

But, there is temporary relief:  This is Gomer on an opiat and anxiety shot.

It was given to him at 9 p.m.; this is the next day – finally!  Poor guy.  A few things need to happen for him – his Mom who was in New York taking her Boards for two days probably can never leave him again.  His grandmother (me) needs drugs the next time I take care of him.  Simple.  There is chaos around this action though that does not help – Gomer has a crazy sister also who just loves to bark.  Our dog Luna (who has no clue she has barking capabilities)  is around trying to hide and then two cats come into play when they are passing through.  So, its an unbelievable mad house.  I think there is hope on the horizon.  Gomer now has an appointment with a Neurologist.  See Gomer feels nerve trouble going down his legs so he gets interested; tries to see what it is, licks his feet and then gets totally confused and starts biting, breaking skin and screaming, oh, and he spins in circles the whole time with teeth barred.  A bad scene.  I have never been a proponent of medication but I’m changing my tune.  He can’t live like this and we all prefer that he live…he is wonderful when he’s not going haywire.  He is a rescue dog who came over medicated with rabies shots, vaccines,  lots of seizures, very autistic although they hate to diagnose autism in dogs.  What is with that?  I understand these parents who have autistic kids questioning these vaccines.  I have known a few kids with autism; very similar behaviors.

While Gomer was sleeping yesterday – and he did sleep most of the day AND when he woke up he ate for the first time in 4-5 days….I sewed these dinner napkins for Johnny & Sara (my friend Heather’s son & girlfriend) who are getting married.  When I chose the fabric it was a real rich blue but with the wash it came out kind of like blue jean material.  I’m o.k. with it as these are kids and it tends to move it from the polished look to a more youthful feel.  Am I full of crap?

In my recent travels I spent some time with some Gluten Free pals so I decided to make a GF cake TRY and taste good.  This one is great:

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Blueberry/Fruit Upside Down Cake – GLUTEN FREE

2 C. Brown Rice Flour

¾ C. Potato Starch                                          

¼ C. Tapioca starch/flour

1 Tbs. + 1 tsp. baking powder

2 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. xanthan gum

½ tsp. salt

1.5 C. sugar

Sift together at least 4 times to soften the flours.


1 Stick unsalted butter, cubed (½ c.)

Mix with hands and break butter to pea size bits.

Melt 1 stick butter, add 2/3 C. brown sugar, pour on bottom of cake pan after you have sprayed the whole cake pan.

Top with lots of fruit.

Heat 1 C. buttermilk, add to it whisking:

1 Tbs. vanilla

4 eggs

Blend liquid into cake, beat with a spoon for at least one minute. 

Pour over fruit in pan.

Bake one hour at 350.

Let cake cool 1 hr. invert on dish.

Could be dairy free if you used almond or rice milk and used shortening instead of butter.

Egg Free? Flax gel:  1 Tbs. flax meal in 3 Tbs. warm water – let sit for 10 minutes. = 1 egg.

Carla Rollins, York 8/11 adapted from  Living Without

Wow, I’m getting the hang of that cut and paste thing finally. 

This cake is actually about the best I’ve tasted.  It’s best eaten warm as it’s nice and soft.  The next day it has that kind of crunch that brown rice flour gives.

While Gomer was sleeping I made a huge thanksgiving turkey dinner…..what do I go to for comfort you ask….Turkey.  Weird huh.  It was yummy but I made a vegetable dish instead of mashed potatoes and butternut squash.

This is really good.

I thinly sliced potatoes, layered with thinly sliced butternut squash.  I then put a package of this curry stuff on top, spread out and baked it.  Nothing else went into the dish, no butter or cheese or anything.  Served with a dollop of yogurt on top (the curry to my taste was kinda hot so I liked the cooling of the yogurt).  You could fancy this up I suspect.

I seem to have a bunch of these packages in the pantry.  You just never know what you’ll use them for…..this worked out really well.  It wasn’t boring.

Well, this is the Hurricane Week-end for us up here in New England.  My Paul is heading up to our boat to take the sails off and sit out the wind.  The boat is on a mooring so it will swing but it’s a good idea to be there just in case anything breaks loose, like another boat coming at you or whatever.  He suggested I go with him as he said it would be nice and cozy, etc.  That is funny – volunteer to go sit in a storm with raging winds, high seas, rocking around, scared the whole time????  We did one of those gigs crossing the ocean above Eleuthera two years ago – 13 hours of total panic/high seas and stress.  No way Jose.

Ruth’s husband is in the Coast Guard stationed in Long Island (Hampton’s) he is the only heavy weather coxswain Captain there and he has to sit outside the harbor anchored to a buoy and wait for catastrophes throughout the whole storm.  Sounds bad to me.  I worry about that one as I understand they are getting a direct hit. 

Have a safe week-end and if you have a normal pet/child/life be happy if not, throw as much love at it that you can!

Still, some Sedgewick

I guess I took lots of pictures last week-end as these keep popping up.  Before I get to the Foggy stuff.  Part of my reading material for the week-end was the newest issue of Eating Well, one of my favorite, if not favorite, magazines.  Of course, here I am on a boat in the fog and reading about all these amazing Green Soups I could be eating if I was near a garden!  Well, by the time the week-end was over we stopped in Portland, Maine on the way home to buy a copy of LOVE SOUP by Anna Thomas.  Portland has this totally amazing cookbook store, Rabelais.  You have to look these guys up: – there is nothing like it.  I, who am forever looking at books, stores, etc. always find incredible stuff in there and wonder “where have I been that I haven’t seen this”?  It’s a treat.

Anyhow, so now I’m armed with Love Soup.  A previous friend and co-worker was surprised that I would buy a soup book – are you kidding?  I read one of those, just start down the list of ingredients and that’s it, I’m on my way.  Totally inspirational. 

Paul was being totally dorky whining most of the way home about various ingredients I was reading off to him.  I fixed that one by including beef stock in my litany – he finally stopped.  Of course there is no beef, it’s a vegetarian book but it made him stop with the criticism so I was o.k. LYING.  The things we have to do to get a little peace in the car!

Awesome book!

So, before I was wrapped up in the book, I was knitting a new sweater for Miss Zoe.

I love the pattern, it’s easy, you just knit the knits and purl the purls once you set up your first 8 rows.  The third row is the cable but it’s pathetically simple – looks complicated.  The big problem I have is my hand.  I fell when I was out visiting the babies in July and fractured/broke/whatever, my hand and now when I knit it hurts.  Something about the bones that affects my little finger and ring finger – it’s all swollen after knitting, blast it.  I keep waiting for it to get better but it’s not.  I cannot stand the idea of immobilizing my hand with a cast so…..the beat goes on.

Back to some fog pictures.  I think I’m intrigued with them so much because it has been so very hot and sunny this summer.  It’s a nice respite, kinda cooling, less glare.

Rolling in after a perfectly beautiful, cloudless day.

Our neighbor in the a.m.

In the morning we rowed into the dock to take a walk – it’s about 6 a.m. perhaps.

Pretty ominous.

I’m intrigued with these docks.  They build those bases then fill them with rocks.  This is about half tide.  When it’s totally low you see these cairns filled with mossy rocks.  Cool looking.

And, of course when you come to “land” you want the news?  No?  Bangor Daily news…..not sure about that one, why, what is it going to tell you?

It would be kinda funny to put a box from somewhere else here instead, like Mississippi or Arkansas or Seattle.  Who would know?  When you do get off your boat your usually rocking around, trying to get your footing for at least a day.  My equilibrium gets totally out of whack.  I get home and I’m bumping against the walls in my shower.  It’s a weird thing.  But, back to the paper, and particularly that paper  – kinda the last thing I would want after just getting off the boat.  I did notice it was empty and had a sign on it looking for a carrier….BIG MONEY, MAKE EXTRA CASH.  This place is so far from anywhere.  It would be a long, gas eating haul to get here.

I love the walk from the dock….so pretty, lovely smells and occasionally you get to see the Belted Galloway’s; a cow that looks like it has a wide, fat belt on. 

This next picture does not do it justice but this gnarly tree has so much life in it….we couldn’t get over all the various plants and stuff growing within.

This flower was so moist it looked like you could just slurp it up!

Every time we go up to the boat it’s a different adventure.  I love it when land is involved.  One of our favorite places to take our boat, for the winter, the Bahamas is getting slammed today with the hurricane.  I’m so worried for those guys.  We go to the outer Bahamas, Elbow Cay, very outer, first to get hit.  They said on the news they are expecting an 11 foot surge.  This whole island is sea level, and so beautiful.  But, they are savvy to hurricanes so I’m thinking they have taken care.  Ciao ciao, a beautiful day here…..Ruth’s dog Gomer (kinda says it all in the name)  to see the holistic vet – Chinese herbs, acupuncture, whatever lets get this neurologically impaired puppy well.  He’s a big time mess.  He thinks there is something in his foot so he chews it and snarls, snaps, barks, spins in circles.  It’s a bad sight.  He’s tormented.  When he’s not doing that he’s adorable but with the new move here, he is doing that more than anything else…..Drugs, he’s got some serious drugs now but it’s not the long term solution.  Poor baby.  Ruth and her rescue dogs – always another interesting gig going on around our crazy house!

Continuing post of Sedgewick

Just had a nice “visual” with my granddaughters….love those pumpkins.  Back to my Maine stories from this week-end.

We decided to row to shore and drive around to Brooksville, Maine – another little peninsula attached to the one we are on.  Boy, what a cute place and zero people.  It’s amazing how quiet it is up there.  Paul wonders why there aren’t any tourists and I think it’s because there aren’t any stores or cafes or “be seen” places…It’s wonderful, just pretty land, amazing ocean views, lovely smells and quiet.   The first picture is overlooking Penobscot Bay towards Camden or perhaps Belfast.  Their was a monument here at this overlook talking about the largest ice company in the u.s. on this fresh water pond which supplied ice to the caribbean, Florida and all parts south of here.  Imagine that….cutting up frozen water and shipping it out.  This went on until 1916.  My grandparents were newlyweds then; my grandfather graduated from Univ. of Maine in Orono in 1910…cripes.

There is only one road around this place and in the middle of really, no where, we came across this little stand.  How sweet is this?

Love that granite.

I loved these curtains!  Fun, and not a home in sight, nor cars, nor people….just leave your money in a cash box and take what you want.  About a mile down the road there was a cooler out by the road advertising pies and tarts for sale – same deal.  Now, if I did that in York, Maine do you think that would work?

We had to have Blues for breakfast on the boat:

And, what could be better than sitting in the cockpit with my breakfast on my lap…sorry about the foot but they seem to always be UP when I’m relaxing.

While traveling yesterday we stopped at a cute, hole in the wall, tiny restaurant El El Frijoles (a take on LL Bean).  It’s a shed behind this families home, really, all by itself on a quiet road.  We’ve been going there for 5 years now.  Excellent.  It was hot out and they had this delicious cucumber/mint iced water.  Very refreshing.  Tonight I made it as soon as we got home….after a 4 hour hot car ride.  Delicious.

Thinly sliced cucumbers, fresh mint, agave syrup, ice and sparky & plain water.  This is in the pitcher, I strain it before pouring.

When we rowed into the dock where our car is kept on land these boat cradles were exposed.  They are usually under water as they are at the low tide mark.  Paul says they keep them their to unclutter the yard.

On the way home we stopped off in Portland to go to the Portland Museum of Art.  We wanted to see the John Marin show…Cubist/Modernist getting allot of press these days – didn’t get it.  oh well, we tried.

Sedgewick, Maine

We sat on the mooring the whole week-end.  Sometimes you just need to rest….this was it.  There seems to be a bit of fog these days anyway.  I hate being out in the “stream” in the fog, worried the whole time about another boat.  You don’t see or hear them until your on top of them….really scarry.  Last year we were sailing up from Connecticut, in the worst fog – it’s all worst believe me when I happened to be speaking with Paul, hence LOOKING at him and the look of fear that crossed his face.  I spun around to find we were within a few feet of a head on with a dragger…big dragger, the kind you see in books with “wing” sticking out on both sides…many, many feet.  OMG, Paul reacted quickly; I screamed (of course, dork) our mast missed his “wings” by inches.  It would have taken us under.  And, you know what???? those guys were not on deck, watching or anything, no alarm or anything…..AUTO PILOT.  Frightening.  So, we don’t like to go out in fog anymore..simple.  That darn Auto Pilot thing is frequent with other boaters and it just is not safe. Period. 

First up:  Our boat in the early morning.

Our neighbor:

Here is the fog rolling in….around 4 p.m. after a just crystal clear beautiful day!

That is fog, not clouds or rain approaching.  Here it is just 5 minutes later:

Dark, huh?

On the dock that we approach from are two really sweet dingy’s and just my color…imagine that.

Gotta go – my babies are coming on line on Skype.  More tomorrow.  Actually, lots more.